Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vintage is the new Black

I've been out of the whole vintage buying thing for a while. It's definitely not because I've lost  interest but I've cut back on my spending quite a bit. And today, after 2 months, I needed some vintage therapy, just look-see no buying. It's no surprise that many items were clicked into my watch list. And since I can't have them, I think they odd to be shared! 

I am so into this pair of shoes! It's so Marc by Marc SS09! Unfortunately and sadly, it's way too big for me. You can get it here from Lady Wolf Vintage

This printed skirt is plain awesome! Abstract and vibrant, just the thing we need this season. from Tinroof Vintage

I cannot resist a denim piece like this. from Libra Vintage

Prints are the best thing to look out for in vintage clothing. It's amazing how a 1960s dress can look so current. from Lullie Vintage

It's all in the sleeve details. The vivid colors are just appropriate for spring. from Lullie Vintage

Ascot dress with a pussy bow and trumpet sleeves. Totally cute! from Thriftwares


  1. This post title and all the pieces you've selected are fanTAStic!!


  2. thank you so much for posting about ebay sellers, and for an otherwise lovely blog.

    <3 mariell

  3. awww!! thanks for all the lullie love. i am honored. if you get a minute, i'd be honored if you checked out my new blog and let me know what you think. (i just joined the blogosphere)

    <3 shae from lullie vintage

  4. Thanks for the vintage ebay finds. Now I know more ebay stores where I can find pretty things!