Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dressed to Impress

I'm not too sure if I've mentioned it, but I've left my job of 2 years before my trip to States. I know many must be thinking I'm nuts, at such difficult times, why would anyone sane leave their jobs. I didn't think it was much of a deal at first, but reality is, the industry is slowing down. Whatever it is, I needed a change and a break. I have been in that rut for the longest time and it is time to move on. The break is good, awesome in fact. I'm having more time to do things I want to do and spend them with family and the ones I love. The only down part of it, finances, the root to everything else.

Now, the fun part of it comes in, I've been sending out resumes and started thinking about interview outfits. What do you wear to an interview? I come from a creative industry, hence the less formal dress code so pantsuit and skirt suit is out. I used to wear jeans to interviews but that was when I was applying for positions in design studios. I need an outfit that shows my creative side, yet still keeping it semi formal or casual smart and fashion forward. So with all the new trends and styles, what do you recommend?

This look like a very safe outfit, in trend with the pastel colors and high-waisted pants, casual yet still looking professional.

Is a blazer/jacket over tee combi too casual? But still look pulled together with a simple black skirt and tights?

This is one of my favourite, blazer over a summer dress (printed or solid? long or short?). It's sassy, smart and very fashion forward. Question, is the boyfriend blazer too sloppy for an interview? Or should it be replaced with a cropped jacket for a better fit.

Lastly, dresses with tights (thou it is tremendously hot these days, sometimes we have to make sacrifices). Printed vs solid dresses, which way to go?
Lastly, shoes; heels, flats, booties? What's good and what's not?


  1. These outfits are ALL gorgeous; especially loving the striped dress. What I'd wear on an interview depends on the type of job. For an office gig, I'd proabaly go with a boring suit... but if it were a more creative venue, I'd opt for something a bit more adventurous!


  2. these are all gorgeous!!

    good luck with your upcoming interviews

  3. My two cents worth, I think you first need to determine if you will be meeting clients.

    If you need to be meeting clients in your new job, the first look will be perfect. It says I am stylish, creative BUT I can still be taken seriously.

    I will keep the floral dress with blazer totally for the weekend. I just find it hard to take anyone in a pretty floral dress seriously at work. Blazer or not! I find it even hard to take myself seriously when I am in those dresses!

    Good luck for your interview!

  4. Oh the first 3 outfits are gorgeous, I wish I looked that effortlessly chic on a day-to-day basis!