Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Outfit - Back to basic

I got bored at work, and decided to do a outfit post. And since i do not have a camera (mine's a 3mega pixel, from ages ago, i spend all my money on clothes) i decided to use polyvore to create today's outfit as closely as possible. 

Today's theme is back to basic, denim jeans + white tank, mixing in vintage accessories, with a punch of cobalt blue. The only actual item shown is the faux croc framed bag from urban outfitters.

source: polyvore


  1. you have that bag! i've been having it on my want-list since forever but i didnt see the real thing when in UO.

    How do you like it?

  2. let's just say it looks a lot better in picture. The patent is like gloss varnish instead of a gloss laminate if you get what i mean. The croc texture is printed then lightly embossed. But i still like it despite the imperfection, and its huge for a lady bag too. the black version might be a safer bet.

    Let me try to capture an image for you soon. :)