Monday, July 7, 2008

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

I first discovered Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair at Actually..., probably a year back. And it was a bustier piece that captured my attention, the structural folds, the full tulip skirt, it was love at first sight with a S$500 price tag on it. No, I did not buy the dress, but it was constantly in on my mind for awhile. i assumed it was a New York label, due to the nature of the name, and only now have i found out that it originates from Sweden via style bubble.

"Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair is dedicated to traditional tailoring, pattern making and the old ways of the trade. The love of quality and details will always be our priority" -Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

What I absolutely adore is that the dramatic architecture found in their designs, is brought down to pre-a-porter retaining their core of detailing.

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