Saturday, July 19, 2008

cold turkey

I just finished watching Season one of Gossip Girl online, im hooked and i need more! Since when school uniform gotten so cool!? Im gonna miss those awesome headbands, candy colored stockings, bows and more bows! when will season two be showing! i need my fix!

I need to get more colored stockings, any recommendations on where i can find extremely solid stockings in red, yellow, orange, oooh those aqua green one looks great too! I got a pair of 120 denier purple stockings, thou it may be thick but their made for midgets! When removed from the packaging, its only one arm's length. It doesn't stay up, and kept riding down my hips cause its too short! and im not even tall to begin with. 


  1. you can get mustard, purple and blue tights at F21 right now. Topshop used to have the red ones but they're sheer stockings. hope you find what you need soon.