Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I likey! From


  1. Hi clareassiral!

    How are you?

    My name is Pearlin and I do social media work for brands like Shiseido & Elizabeth
    Arden, amongst others. Here are some examples of the work I do:

    We've recently partnered with Fossil to promote their watches and we hope to gift you with one of them.
    In return, we'd like you photograph/feature the watch in a fun, creative way on your blog as well as on Fossil's Facebook page.

    Here's a similar campaign we did in Germany for a clothing company called 81 Hours:!/album.php?aid=170476&id=325422257413

    Do let me know if you'd be keen to take part in this fun watch promotion with
    Fossil. The person with the most creative idea will win a GRAND prize which is
    still top-secret at the moment, but you will not be disappointed :)

    Pls email me at Look forward to hearing from you!