Sunday, September 20, 2009

A cow with dots

Ever heard of cows with polka dots? Well i know of one with multi-colored dots and can make a uber neat headpiece. Actually an alter ego of a friend, polkadottedcow is now moving on to handy crafting creating super sweet bands like the ones below. It all started when cow was helping a fellow friend create a head piece for her wedding and soon realise her hidden talent.

The pieces created went thru major editing from the usual glamourous head pieces for weddings into simple ones for everyday wear from morning to night. What I love most is that they are best worn with casuals, nothing too matchy - pretty much the philosophy of polkadottedcow. And most importantly they are extremely afforable, available from S$39.

For more of polkadottedcow click here

images: polkadottedcow


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  2. Stunning headbands!

    One Love,

  3. These are quite lovely.. unfortunately I'm over hairpieces.. haha... or Am I? LOL

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