Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Call me shop girl

Yeah, that's what I am right now - shop girl. For the past 2 weeks, that's what i have been up to, serving, greeting and best of all being surrounded by beautiful beautiful vintage clothes. Thought I gave it a try and I actually liked it so here I am committing to this for the next couple of months, a break from the regular day job is kinda refreshing. The experience is good so far, nothing too nasty 'cept for a case of shoplifting (really audacious i tell you!). Customers are either lovely or boring, you get people walking into a vintage shop asking if they are used or secondhand! Seriously? Anyway, this will be good experience to prep me for my future shop if I have a chance of opening one some day.

btw, isn't the gown on Miss Hepburn gorgeous?

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  1. how fun! a nice change indeed, where is this shop? i could pop by and see you and buy some dresses :D

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