Friday, May 1, 2009

Wishlist: California

I'm all psyched and geared up for the coming trip, counting down to Monday, that's 3 days away! After all the extensive research and enquiries, I've narrowed down to 3 MUST BUY dresses. This, this and this!

Top piece by Dear Creatures, bottom two by MinkPink. I'm totally in love with the sparrow dress. It was love at first sight, same goes for the uber cute dress by Dear Creatures.
Photographs are extracted from NastyGal. Unfortunately, their showroom isn't ready for appointments at the moment. Looks like i have to look out for them at the various stockists.

Girls who loves super cute dresses, it's a must to check out these two brands.


  1. what about those adorable heart-shaped sunglasses?

  2. The heart-shaped sunglasses are very cute, but in these days everybody have ones and you can find then everywere. But the dresses... Oh the dresses!!!! Are so perfect! The second one is my favorite <3

  3. Hope your flight went well! Lucky girl. And if you're there when you read this... HAVE LOADS OF FUN and TAKE CARE!

  4. i love the second dress, it sorta reminds me of a duck bag from Dooney & Bourke.