Friday, February 20, 2009

Obsession #499 - Vintage suitcase

With the recent travel plans we're making, tik and I started scouting for luggages. Modern travel luggages are boring and awful. The hipper/cooler/nicer ones can cost a huge bomb (think Samsonite). So I started thinking about fashion bloggers traveling in style and this image of Agatha of StyleBtyes came to mind. 

With that in mind, I start trawling the pages of etsy for a vintage suitcase and these are what I found. So darn adorable, funky and so retro, even tik got excited looking at them!

What a way to add some sunshine into traveling! You can spot it from miles away and be absolutely sure that no one will be carrying anything similar to yours (and it's Samsonite too!). Vintage Yellow Samsonite suitcase from cafeKOKO

I ABSOLUTELY adore this one! Blue with white trims, it speaks style and more style. But a tad bit expensive (exchange rates) and the shipping is atrocious! 

So much effort made into one suitcase. This Vintage brocade suitcase is so lovely but a tad small. Idea for short travel trips I guess? Like one to some near-by resort trip!

So many lovely choices but the shipping for some is just ridiculous, it actually cost more than the item itself! le sigh. What should a girl do?


  1. Ah I love vintage suitcases, and hatboxes too!

  2. Oh I love them too - that brocade case is really fabulous!


  3. I adore these. I swear my family used to own the last one, but my mother got rid of it. I always wonder what the package of a suitcase would look like when you order it...

  4. such pretty picks! but i always think they're not as practical as the commercial ones

  5. i don't know what can i say!

    its so nice! i love your dress! so beautiful.

  6. i bought the blue one last week and i love it !!!!