Monday, February 16, 2009

Make up is good for the skin

Mineral make up has been around for ages, but the recent boost in marketing of mineral make up is the most ingenius idea ever. The evolution of make up is Mineral make up, it not only creates a flawless illusion, it is said to be good for the skin. 

There are many cosmetic brands that are jumping on to the mineral bandwagon, as well as newly formed brands that only boost mineral make up, and one of which is Everyday Minerals (EM). As I surfed thru the site, I was captivated by the array of colors. Unlike many drug store brands with limited colors of mineral make up, EM has one of the wider range of colors available. And the splendid thing of it all (This is gotta share!)? They actually give FREE sample kits which you can get it here, all you have to do is select 3 base(foundation), a blush and a concealer, pay for shipping (they ship directly to anywhere in the world! only US$5.99 to Singapore!) and wait for it to arrive. One free sample kit per order only. And if you'd like to tag more items on but still uncertain, EM comes in samples sizes, minis and large, and all at a very affordable price. I got a little carried away as I clicked on the colors and brushes (heard their brushes are really soft), and now I am just sitting and waiting for my loot to arrive. From what I understand, EM is only available online. I will try to post swatches and photos when they arrive.

*anxiously waiting by the post box


  1. oh you got me a little excited but i suck at imagining the pigments without testing. be sure to update us when you get your stuff and what you bought :]

  2. im excited too! it's been 2 weeks and my goods have not arrived! I guess the free sample kit is handy for no-testing purposes. But hey, it's cheap!

    updates coming soon!

  3. Oh, so how were they? What's cool about this is that they are actually giving away samples! That's a good way to test them, yes? Shopping for mineral make-ups should be done like shopping for other beauty products. We gotta stay away from those with harmful components.