Wednesday, January 21, 2009

style icons: A Pop of Colors

Unlike many out there, I have not managed to define my 'personal style', I take bits and pieces of things/styles/whatever I like and fuse them together. On most days, I play it safe and on some occasion, I try new trends and looks. And most of the time, the go-to colors are black, whites and all that's in between. And so when I discovered this new blogger on the block, it was a breeze of fresh air - fashion wise.

The discovery of Keiko Lynn has gotten me all hyped up, she brings colors to life, make winter feels like summer and bring out the fun we should have with colors. And what I love so much about her blog entries? She not only is a fantastic dresser, she does the most impeccable make up too. With close-ups and detailed info, it has become an awesome place to go for make-up tips.

images via keiko lynn

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  1. i see her on wardrobe remix and i'm always awestruck! she's beau-ti-ful!