Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hong Kong Part 1 - the Sights and sounds

IHEARTHONGKONG! And I can't stop saying it. It was an awesome trip, the long awaited break that didn't disappoint. It wasn't all shop shop shop thru out the trip, but it was good. And best of all, I didn't overspend this time round (yay!). 

Hong Kong is currently having their WinterFest (a winter version of Summer sale) and the discount rate is fantastic, especially at the bigger stores like Lane Crawford. There was a queue at Louis Vuitton since 10am!

Okay, I couldn't resist a huge sale sign with flowers! Luxury brands are going at 50% off and I was almost a proud owner of the YSL Besace (S$1600!! Half price!). Taken at Lane Crawford

Christmas installation by Hong Kong artist Carrie Chau for Times Square @Causeway Bay. Adorable little Russian dolls, there were tons of them all round a huge pillar.

In a room full of art pieces by Carrie Chau. Too cute to resist!

Window display at Vivienne Westwood along Fashion Walk @Causeway bay.

The saturated signages along the streets of Mongkok, and us after a shopping spree at H&M (can you see the bags!) You know what the fascination is? If you notice, the signages are extended out, one competing against the other. 

Oh and i took the opportunity to wear all my colored tights! The weather was incredible, it's cold without freezing your ass off. Hong Kongers are a bunch of dressy people, young or old, they make an effort to look presentable 24/7.

I love how in the midst of the smaller shops, one such as the i.t shop stands out in charcoal brick wall with luminous light. i.t is like club21, it carries brands such as Commes des Garcon, Tsumori Chisato, Hussein Chalayan etc and they will sprout at the most unexpected places. The retail industry in Hong Kong is very much different from how it operates here in Singapore. In Singapore, retails are clustered accordingly to the range - low end, mid - high and high/luxury. You will never find a high/luxury store in a place where low end stores are placed. 

And this was why we went to Hong Kong for the new year. We stood in the blistering cold (ok a little exaggerating here. but It was pretty cold that night) for 2 solid hours (eating ice cream and egg tarts), right smack in front of the IFC tower at Central to view this spectacular display of fireworks. A little disappointed I must say, we were expecting huge flower blops in the sky above us, but what we got was streaks of fireworks shooting out from the building. Pretty much different from what we are used to seeing here. But all's gone in a flash. 

Excellent crowd control but the traffic police and clearing from the area was a breeze. And the first thing that happened to me in the new year? I was carried over high fences by friends (i was in a dress and i couldnt climb!).

Last but not least, this is the start of a vibrant display of the Chinese New Year decorations for sale along Hollywood Road.

More to come..


  1. Oh wow what fantastic photos!!! I love that gallery room :)

  2. The Besace... hmm so good. A PS1 stand-in almost.

  3. thanks dapper kid!

    melly.. almost. sigh. recession. but a damn good price to buy. oh well.