Tuesday, February 9, 2010


DO NOT be rationale when making purchases.

My biggest regret of the week is the dress below. I saw this tunic at Forever21, tried it on out of curiosity and somehow kinda liked it. But it isn't my usual type of dresses, hence back on the rack it goes (I'm trying to be rationale with my buys). A day later and still thinking about it, I decided to pop by over the weekend to grab it. Horror of horror, it was OUT OF STOCK! Can you beat that? Then it became my mission to get my hands on it. It is now my most coveted item. I cannot stop thinking about the dress I started making irrational purchases to please myself. Not helping still thinking. Unless there's any kind soul living in the states can help me get my hands on it, I would be eternally grateful. sigh


  1. oh dear!! shopping regret is the worst.. when you don't buy an item.. then want it so badly after.. i do hope you find it!!

  2. Hiya i really like your blog, could we swap links? I read your blog and many others daily, ive just started my own, id wonder if you could help get mine heard abit more of.
    thanks :)