Tuesday, July 14, 2009

little blue dress

The internet is a horribly sinful place. And I thought by staying at home I can overcome the temptation to shop, boy am I wrong...

Not when there's a sale on asos.com and such an adorable little blue dress like the one above. I can't help but to be drawn to such cute dresses. Sometimes I kinda feel too old for them, but they're just too adorable to resist.

What are your weaknesses?


  1. what no! i think you'll look absolutely fab in a dress like that!

  2. haha thanks melly! It's cute isn't it

  3. i think the dress is cute too! i have this weakness for nautical sailor girl kind of things..ahah

  4. i shop so much online too. it's so bad... but sooooo good too i guess! haha! i guess i really should be making all my own clothes, but all my will power goes out the window when i see cute dresses.