Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just another post full of clothes

As usual, it's a post full of lusted over items from topshop. I am so lemming towards all the looks created for this season. Light layers, heavy layers, drapes, volume, pastels, neutrals, print on print, it's a never ending list of looks that I'd love to try. But before experimenting, I'd need the required pieces yeah? That's probably the part i love/hate most. Loving the thought of acquiring new pieces (who doesn't), hating the monetary part of it (I'm on a super tight budget every month). So what's a girl supposed to do? I'm such a sucker for topshop.

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  1. OMG!! It's the firt time i see your blog and i love love love it!! hahahaha i like it a lot!!

  2. A girl just need to keep dreamming! And one day we all would buy every piece of clothe that we want! :D