Saturday, June 28, 2008

Eighties Fave

I know when it comes to vintage, you need to grab it the moment you set your eyes on it, or it will be long gone. I spotted this eighties batwing tunic months ago on the urban collection but at a whopping US$92, I had to think twice. Going back to the site every now and then, clicking back on the same item, i still contemplated. I've even spotted an almost identical piece on ebayt. It was on one of those hot vintage shops, and the bid closed at over a hundred! Lucky for me, no one from the bid list discovered the urban collection

Most of the threads from the urban collection come and go really fast, and i started to wonder why no one wanted this beauty. And finally, its on sale! At only US$36, it was a steal! So this darling is gonna be mine! I'm gonna get a pair of yellow tights, maybe pink, orange and red to add on.

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